Emergency Care Organization for Humanity ECOH

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Emergency Care Organization for Humanity ECOH

We are stanch to work on projects such as human rights, social services, rehabilitation, health, education, agriculture, transportation and logistics and as we are equipped with many young and talented staff in our organization, we are loyal to make Afghanistan great. 


We have the ability to manage projects from conception to compilation in a close team environment and providing a full spectrum of services from initial consulting to single-source. Emergency Care Organization for Humanity (ECHO) has been stablished since 2021 with affiliated registered license to ministry of economy (MOE) under effective law of government of Afghanistan. Our process enables our customers to make informed, intelligent business decisions and we are dedicated to providing customers with solid resolution to specific project challenges, resulting in a successful product every time.

ECHO accepts grants, donations and other financial assistance from any governmental agencies, authorities, public bodies, corporations with a view of promoting the objectives of the society subject to special conditions.
Being technical oriented company having the goal to take part in rehabilitation, reconstruction, human rights and development of socio-economic infrastructures of the country, such as human right projects, health care, Agricultural, educational and social service projects, etc.


Emergency care organization for humanity ECOH ) is a Non Governmental, Non Profitable and Non Political organization established in 2021 in Afghanistan OBJECTIVE: to put its efforts in the rehabilitation and development of Afghanistan .


ECOH envisions a resilient and empowered society in Afghanistan, where individuals have access to quality emergency care, sustainable livelihoods, and
educational opportunities. Through our dedicated efforts, we strive to build a foundation for communities to thrive, even in the face of adversity.


ECOH is committed to providing essential emergency care, sustainable development, and disaster recovery solutions to communities in Afghanistan. We aim to enhance livelihoods, promote education, and foster
resilience for a more secure and prosperous future.


Harnessing the power of innovation, we strive to develop groundbreaking solutions that address the multifaceted issues of poverty. Through technological advancements, novel approaches, and creative problem-solving, we aim to create pathways for sustainable development and improved livelihoods, ultimately working towards a poverty-free future.


Our commitment to building robust infrastructure forms the foundation for poverty reduction initiatives. By investing in sustainable systems, we create the framework necessary for economic growth, access to essential services, and improved living standards. Infrastructure development is a key component in our strategy to uplift communities and pave the way towards lasting poverty alleviation.


Embracing creativity as a powerful force for change, we encourage innovative thinking and imaginative solutions in our poverty reduction efforts.Through creative approaches to education, entrepreneurship, and community engagement, we aim to unlock new possibilities and empower individuals to break free from the constraints of poverty, fostering a future defined by prosperity and exclusivity

A Brief Story About The Problems

Afghanistan grapples with a formidable challenge stemming from the displacement of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees. The Emergency Care Organization for Humanity (ECOH) recognizes the gravity of this situation and is committed to addressing the multifaceted issues arising from this crisis.

The Society

I In the wake of the global pandemic, the predicament of refugees in afghanistan has been exacerbated. ECOH acknowledges the unique challenges posed by the pandemic on displaced populations and broader societal dynamics.

The Environment

Our efforts are directed towards comprehensive solutions that consider the intersection of health, refugee welfare, and societal resilience.


The Pandemic

Beyond addressing the immediate refugee crisis, ECOH identifies the broader impact on the environment and infrastructure.


the Infrastructure

Our organization is actively engaged in developing strategies to mitigate environmental degradation associated with mass displacement, while concurrently addressing infrastructure challenges to build resilient communities for the long term.

A Brief Story About The Solutions

ECOH recognizes the need for a market-driven approach in implementing fundamental solutions for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees in Afghanistan. By aligning our initiatives with market dynamics, we aim to create sustainable support systems that empower displaced populations economically, fostering self-reliance and enhancing their overall well-being

Market Driven Basic Implementation

To amplify our outreach and advocacy efforts, ECOH employs a strategic Search Engine Marketing (SEM) approach.

SEM Implementation

ECOH is committed to bridging the industry gap that hinders the integration of internally displaced persons and refugees in Afghanistan.

Decrease Industry GAP

Our approach focuses on creating pathways for skill development, fostering economic independence, and narrowing the industry divide for sustained integration and prosperity. WRITE Market Driven Basic Implementation , SEM Implementation AND Decrease Industry GAP IN IDP and refugee in afghanistan