Emergency Care Organization for Humanity ECOH

About us

Emergency Care Organization for Humanity ECOH

We are stanch to work on projects such as human rights, social services, rehabilitation, health, education, agriculture, transportation and logistics and as we are equipped with many young and talented staff in our organization, we are loyal to make Afghanistan great. 


We have the ability to manage projects from conception to compilation in a close team environment and providing a full spectrum of services from initial consulting to single-source. Emergency Care Organization for Humanity (ECHO) has been stablished since 2021 with affiliated registered license to ministry of economy (MOE) under effective law of government of Afghanistan. Our process enables our customers to make informed, intelligent business decisions and we are dedicated to providing customers with solid resolution to specific project challenges, resulting in a successful product every time.

ECHO accepts grants, donations and other financial assistance from any governmental agencies, authorities, public bodies, corporations with a view of promoting the objectives of the society subject to special conditions.
Being technical oriented company having the goal to take part in rehabilitation, reconstruction, human rights and development of socio-economic infrastructures of the country, such as human right projects, health care, Agricultural, educational and social service projects, etc.


Emergency care organization for humanity ECOH ) is a Non Governmental, Non Profitable and Non Political organization established in 2021 in Afghanistan OBJECTIVE: to put its efforts in the rehabilitation and development of Afghanistan .


ECOH envisions a safe and just society where all human beings, regardless of ethnicity, language and religion, have access to equal opportunities from relief and development support and strive for favorable and sustainable living condition.


ECOH mission is to provide essential support to affected communities without any prejudices to ethnicity, language and beliefs to determine own development needs through strengthened participation, self reliance and self sufficiency.