Emergency Care Organization for Humanity
Please Contribute For Syrian's Who Needs Your Help
Emergency Care Organization for Humanity
Please Contribute For Syrian's Who Needs Your Help
About us

Emergency Care Organization for Humanity ECOH

We are stanch to work on projects such as human rights, social services, rehabilitation, health, education, agriculture, transportation and logistics and as we are equipped with many young and talented staff in our organization, we are loyal to make Afghanistan great.

ECOH envisions a safe and just society where all human beings, regardless of ethnicity, language and religion,have access to equal opportunities from relief and development support and strive for favorable and
sustainable living condition.

ECOH mission is to provide essential support to affected communities without any prejudices to
ethnicity, language and beliefs to determine own development needs through strengthened
participation, self reliance and self sufficiency.

1- Equality 2- Integrity
3- Team Spirit
4-Cooperation 5- Social
6- Justice Gender
7- Participation
8- Transparency
9- Accountability

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We support preventive healthcare by providing access to clean water supply and Hygienic/Sanitation facilities in the communities. Holistic interventions

Humanitarian Assistance

We help victims of natural calamities with relief intervention. We believe it is our primary responsibility to help people in times of need

Education/Public Awareness

We believe every child has the right to learn and excel in his/her preferred field. Therefore, opportunities should be made available to children to pursue.

Women Empowerment

We aim to promote gender equality in our society by undertaking various initiatives to empower women and make them financially self-reliant.

Agriculture & Livestock

Afghanistan has agriculture-based economy and we believe supporting agriculture and livestock by modernizing it, increase the crops by vocational

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